Advent Retreat & Novena of Guadalupe 2017
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Mass Times

Sacred Heart Parish

4520 McKinley Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98404
(253) 472-7738


Masses / Misas
Sunday Mass 10:00am English
Mon & Fri Mass 8:00am English
Dominical Español Sábado 7:00pm
Domingo 8:00am y 12:00 Medodía
Jueves 7:00pm Español
Reconciliation / Confesiones
Thursdays and Saturdays:
from 6:00pm to 6:45pm

St. Ann Parish

7025 S. Park Ave
Tacoma WA 98408
(253) 472-1360


English Masses & Reconciliation
Reconciliation Sat. 4:00pm
Saturday Mass at 5:00pm
Sunday Mass at 7:45am bilingual and
9:30am (Eng.)
Weekdays (Tue/Wed/Thu) Mass 8:00am

Vietnamese Mass & Reconciliation
Friday Mass at 7:00pm
Reconciliation Sunday 3:00pm
Sunday Mass at 4:00pm (Viet)


St. John of the Woods Parish

9903 24th Ave. E
Tacoma WA 98445
(253) 537-8551


English Masses & Reconciliation
Reconciliation: Sat. 4:30pm
Saturday Mass at 5:30pm
Sunday Mass at 8:00am & 11:00am
Weekdays (Tue/Wed/Fri) Mass 9:30am