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Cầu Nguyện, Rước Lễ, Hy Sinh, Làm Việc Tông Đồ

Our Purpose
The Eucharistic Youth Movement has two general purposes:

  1. To educate and to train youths in becoming a better person as well as an excellent Christian.
  2. To organize and to guide all youths in spreading the Good News of the Gospel and to actively be involved in working for the good of society through charitable services and helping others

Our Ideal
Eucharistic Youth Movement accepts The Eucharistic Jesus Christ as its focal point, as source of spiritual life, and as ideal for the life of its members.

Our Principles

  1. Live God’s Word and be united with the Eucharistic Christ through Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice, and Apostolic Work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, particularly apostolic work by the youth: “The youth must do apostolic work first and directly to the youth” (Decree Lay Apostolicity, no. 12)
  2. Love and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Savior, so that through Our Mother, we receive Christ and take Christ into our lives in a perfect way.
  3. Honor the Vietnamese Martyrs; follow their examples to become witnesses for the Good News of Christ.
  4. Love and obey the representative of Christ, the Pope, who is the leader of the Eucharistic Youth, and at the same time pray and implement the monthly wishes of the Holy Father.
  5. Improve humanity; protect and develop Vietnamese traditions and culture.

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"Let us love, since that is what our hearts were made for" (St. Therese Lisieux)

St. Ann Parish
7025 S Park Ave Tacoma WA 98408

Nhat Vu



15th Anniversary (2017)
Advent Retreat 2017
End of Year 2017

Station of the cross 2018
Easter Egg hunt 2018

Parish Youth Day 2018
HT Promotion 2018
Hoa Hong II Camp 7/2018
Bingo Night 2018 
Advent Retreat & Awards 2018

Sa Mạc Đoàn 2019
DTDP Praise & Worship Day 2019
Bổn Mạng & Bingo Night 2019
Advent Retreat & Awards 2019

End School Year & Awards 2021