Instruction to Online Giving


Lend a hand to build up the Kingdom of God


In order to save money, time, and paper, we shop online, pay bills online, why don’t donate to our Church online 


1. Ability to more thoughtfully plan your giving and receive reporting for tax purposes
2. No need to write checks or stopping at the ATM before Mass
3. Earn points/rewards from your credit card
4. Option to remain anonymous
5. Financial planning allows you to align your paychecks with your parish offertory schedule
6. Allows you to fulfill stewardship commitment even when you are unable to attend Church.
7. Contribution amount is easily adjusted
8. Use Online Giving in conjunction with offering envelopes


1. Help Parish save money and plan budget
2. No check processing fee
3. Increases regular giving with recurring contributions
4. Saves time
5. More accurate revenue forecasting
6. Provides electronic donation summary for tax purposes
7. Reaches a wider demographic of givers
8. Accommodates special parish collections and missions
9. Allows staff to focus on parish ministries and activities


  1. Placing the envelope in the basket is part of my weekly celebration with my family what should I do? 
    Special donation cards are available for those enrolled in the Online Giving program which can be dropped in the collection basket.

  2. What if I try Online Giving and don’t like it?
    You can cancel your authorization anytime by deleting your accounts and donation dates.

  3. Is my information safe?
    Yes.  Your information is maintained on a secure system.  If you enter information through the Online Giving button the Parish only sees your contact information and donation (not your account information)

  4. How can I be assured I get proper credit for tax purposes?
    Your donations will still be recorded in the parish data system so that we can provide annual reports of your contributions.  This information will come from your name and address.  Your envelope number, if entered, also serves as an “account number” which we use to track your donations.

Instruction to Online Giving



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If you need more information and help, don't hesitate to contact your Parish Office.