Volunteers Needed - Tree Planting - St. John of the Woods

We were notified the nursery, where our baby trees are being nurtured, will begin digging trees March 1st.  Joe Staley of JDS Forestry will deliver the little trees when ours are available.  He will also give us some helpful information and direction on planting the trees.  We don’t have a specific date for planting yet.  We will have 400 trees coming and will need help planting them.  

If you are willing to volunteer to plant the trees, please contact the Parish office (253 537-8551) or Gaye Dolan (253 531-7548)

PLEASE leave your name, phone number and/or email address.   You may not reach a person, so please leave a message.  We will contact you when we have the date and time.  We welcome all helpers!