Confirmation Retreat


Last weekend, our Confirmation class attended the Confirmation Retreat that was held at SJOW Parish. It was a group of 40 candidates from St. Ann & St. John parishes. All students found it meaningful. Together they all learned, played, and reflected in the light of Holy Spirit. Their faith was strengthened. Their sipirt was comforted. They all now ready to take the next step to become true disciples of Lord. May our young people take away good experiences and lessons as they go out into the world to spread out the Good News to everyone.

We also express deep gratitude to all who helped to make this Retreat as a true blessings for our youths: Fr. James Harbaugh, Jim Hardesty, Kelly Keister, Terry & Laurie Keister, Sr. Theresa Nguyen, and absolutely our Pastor Fr. Tuan Nguyen. We thank you all for your dedication and support.

And a big applause and thanks to parents of our confirmation students who provided food, served meals and cleaned up after.

Last but not least, a special thanks is sent to St. John of the woods leadership team, all staff and parishioners for your generosity and support by letting us use your facilities.

Without those of help, we couldn't make our Retreat successful. May our gracious Lord reward you all and continue to bless upon our confirmation candidates as they are preparing to receive Sacrament of Confirmation.