Parish Weekly Newsletter | August 11, 2021

Bulletin - August 11, 2021

Growing in Faith

August 2021 Issue

Where in the world is God?

  • There are times in our lives when God can seem distant or uninvolved. In the main article on page one, we use the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus to help readers see how God always walks with us, especially when we need Him most. Readers learn how to look for Him in daily life.
  • The past eighteen months of pandemic have left us stressed and impatient. Our main article on page two gives practical tips for showing as much patience to others as God shows to us.
  • From Scripture uses the last Sunday Gospel reading of the month (Mark 7:1-23) to reiterate that God wants our clean hearts more than He wants our clean hands. The key is to take steps to actually become holy, not just appear to be so.



Notification of Paving Project

The Saint John of the Woods paving project is happening!  Rainier Asphalt and Concrete will be on site the week of August 23rd through the 27th.  All parking lots, the driveway area between the Rectory/Office and Hall as well as all the parking areas adjacent to 99th Street and adjacent to 24th Avenue must be cleared by 12:01 am Monday, August 23rd. 

There will be no daily mass on Wednesday, August 25th or Friday, August 27thThe Church, Office and all facilities will be closed.  Mail Delivery will need to be stopped for those 5 days. This can be done through the USPS website. 

We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may create for you.

The Facilities Committee

Saint John of the Woods Catholic Church



Stewardship of Treasure

Weekly Offering

  • August 8,2021 80 envelopes Total $7,041.00

Thank you for your continued support for the parish.



Online Giving will help sustain our Church.

Make this year's personal tithing goal easier to achieve through Online Giving. Meeting your giving goal will help support our church's many ministries dedicated to strengthening our church's community and community at large.

Online Giving allows you to make donations, payments, and pledges via your smart device or computer to our church. 

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2021 - 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal Update

Begin May 2021 - End April 2022

Report as of August 5, 2021

Goal: $25,719

Pledge: $33,432

Gift Received: $26,648

Potential Rebate: $7,713


Your donation supports many ministries of the Archdiocese, one of those is ministry of Catholic Schools throughout Western Washington, bringing the light of Christ to students and their families.





Other highlights

  • CCD & First Communion 

    The form and class schedule can be found at the entrance of the church at St. John of the Woods or on the website.


    If you have any question or need more information, please contact Sr. Theresa at 253-592-2541 or

  • RCIA Registration
    We are accepting registration now. Class will begin September 13th at St. Ann School
    For anyone from 16 and up who is:
    1) Interested in learning more about the Catholic faith
    2) Would like to be Baptized Catholic or confirmed
    3) A lapsed Catholic 4) Anyone wanting a refresher.

    Contact LB Gilmer at (928) 446-9045



    To register, please contact Sr. Theresa Nguyen at 253-592-2541 or
    Date: Saturday, August 28, 2021
    Time: 9:00am to 1:30pm
    Place: St. Ann’s Church and Hall

  • Cornerstone Catholic Conference

    Register today! Cornerstone Catholic Conference - Sat., Oct. 30

    Bishops’ Panel

    - Archbishop Paul D. Etienne – Care for God’s Creation

    - Bishop Joseph J. Tyson – Forming Disciples for Life and Justice

    - Bishop Thomas A. Daly – Education and Catholic Schools

    - Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS – DACA and Immigration in WA State

    There is no fee to register, so register today to access the Conference!

    Hosted and sponsored by the Catholic Bishops of WA State and the WA State Catholic Conference

  • Delta Variant & Masking (Guidance from Archdiocese of Seattle, Vol 2. No. 12, published July 29, 2021)

    The Delta variant, which is highly transmissible, is now widespread across the United States and has quadrupled the case count this month alone. Reports acknowledge that even people who have been vaccinated may still transmit the virus and be infected by this Delta variant. Because of this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated is masking guidance, recommending that everyone wear masks in indoor public spaces – even if they’ve been vaccinated.
    Due to the risks of the Delta variant and our desire to protect our children and the vulnerable in our communities, we are recommending mask wearing during indoor Mass celebrations. Please note that all altar servers must wear a mask.
    While we will not turn away people who refuse to wear a mask, we should encourage them to do so. Please offer them a mask and encourage them to wear one to not only protect themselves but everyone in the parish community.
    Given the rise in cases, it is also a good time to remind people of the safety basics:
    • Do not come to Mass if you are feeling ill.
    • Do not come if you have a temperature.
    • Wash your hands frequently.
    • Avoid "close contact" with people outside your family, which is 15 minutes of face-to-face contact within 6 feet of an infected person.
    • Wear a mask.


Prayer List 

Gordon & Nichole Chisholm III, Carlos & Claudia Caballero, Donna & Dick Severson, Roxane Fulp Bob Smith, Judith Levesque, Joan Ellis, Linda Johnson, Kari Tinsely, Rita Pangelinan, Dave Casey, Susan Kitaji, Natalie Vieria, Courtney Kryder, Helen Wilke, Jennifer Akins, Jonathan Keen, Rod Stormshak, James Moe, Wendy Hanchett, Bill Miller, Connie Bender, Gary Wilke, Evymae Sablan, Isaako Malo, Damian Roldon, Irene Simon, Isaiah Williams, Anne Gannon, Larry Anderson, Larry Luedke, Keith Browne, Anna Kaperick, Robert Lumas, Larry Rubida, Dorothy Harris, Liam Chisholm, Carol Kalapus, Evelyn Allen, Danny Sneed, Betty Polansky, Victims of COVID.
Military: SPC Sean Gilson, AMN Mason Land, and WO-1 Stephen Adelman, Isaac Armitage.