Parish Weekly Newsletter | June 16, 2021

Bulletin - June 20, 2021
Pastoral Meeting Minutes - May 2021
May 2021 Subcommittees Updates

Happy Father's Day

To all beloved Fathers 

Words are not enough to say thank you

May the blessings of love of our Heavenly Father be yours in abundance this Father's Day and always


Heavenly Father, you entrusted your Son Jesus, the child of Mary, to the care of Joseph, an earthly father. Bless all fathers as they care for their families. Give them strength and wisdom, tenderness and patience; support them in the work they have to do, protecting those who look to them, as we look to you for love and salvation, through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.  Amen.



2021 - 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal

Begin May 2021 - End April 2022

Report as of June 11, 2021

Goal: $25,719

Pledge: $29,421

Gift Received: $20,304

If we exceed our goal, all payments above our share will come back to the parish in the form of a rebate to be used for paving and striping the parking lot (asphalt project)

Please be sure to turn in your pledge envelope today or donate online at .Thank you!




Weekly Sacrificial Giving

June 6, 2021

66 envelopes total $5,157.25

June 13, 2021

70 envelopes total $4,869.00

Thank you for your continue support for the parish.




Parish Finance Report





Stewardship of Treasure 2021 Update

Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

Report as of April 31

Total families pledged: 186
Total pledged amount: $211,988
Total received amount from pledgers: $80,508
Total received amount from non-pledgers (: $4,166

Total received amount for Fund 1 (Sacrificial Giving): $84,674


Online Giving

April: $3,456.55
22 donors - 15 recurring & 7 one-time donations



Peter's Pence Collection

Be a Witness of Charity

Next week, we will take up the Peter’s Pence Collection, which unites us and Catholics around the world more closely with the Holy Father in two ways: it supports the structures of the Holy See through which the Pope governs the Church as well as his charitable efforts to assist victims of war, oppression, natural disasters, and others most in need. Please be generous. For more information, visit



Faith Formation

CCD School

We had 13 students receive First Communion on May 22nd.

We had 4 students received Sacrament of Confirmation on June 5th at 6pm Mass

We wish to thank the 7 volunteer teachers and teacher aids who helped to support the Parish CCD program this year: Twyla Halmrast, David Kopchynski, Cindy and Gary Almogela, Emma Martins, Dee Dawson, and Aurelia Lazzaro.


Baptism is open for all families. Please contact Sr. Theresa @ 253-592-2541


We had a wedding Mass on June 12th at 1pm.

Bible class

Pondering Scripture

There is a small group that is reading, discussing, and praying with the Sacred Scriptures to be used on each following Sunday. 

The meeting is every Tuesday at 7:00pm,  and it is on Zoom.  This program will continue to September.

The book, Ponder, year B by Mahri Leonard-Fleckman who publishes the Readings plus commentary.  We will use this book to help facilitate our discussions. It is available at Amazon for $17.99.

Contact Nancy Baskett at 253-224- 2884 or Brenda Kelly at 253-922-6569



Homebound Outreach

During this pandemic, we have been calling homebound people from the office and checking with them to see how they are doing, praying with them via a phone call, and bringing Holy Communion as needed.  

We have been meeting with the subcommittee for homebound outreach every month and will do so until June to work and plan for the homebound. We will then present to Father Tuan our recommendations.

We have been sending the weekly bulletin to our homebound people. They are happy to receive the bulletin; it keeps them informed about our parish. Many people do not have computers, so they send thank you cards to the parish.

Thank God that some of the homebound people have already received the vaccine.  They are comfortable with letting us come to visit themWe are still in contact with the area nursing homes. When they open, we can then come to visit the people staying at the facility.

Please pray for the homebound people.  Many people need our prayers  at this time. 




  1. Asphalt Bid Proposals
    Bids received from:  Tucci and Sons (work would be done by Looker Asphalt), Rainier Asphalt & Concrete and Asphalt Patch Systems.

    Bids have been received, provided to the Facilities Committee, and reviewed.  The Facilities Committee recommends to the Pastoral Council to accept the Rainier Asphalt and Concrete Bid   A motion was made and seconded to accept the Rainier Asphalt and Concrete Bid Proposal of $35,078.49. 

    They will do overlay and replacement paving, parking striping, handicap on blue background, no parking fire lane.

    This project will need to be approved by the Archdiocese as it exceeds the $25,000 small project contract limit.

    The overlay and repaving project is being funded by the rebates from the Called to Serve as Christ campaign and the Annual Catholic Appeal campaigns.

  1. The North Parking Lot edges have been cleaned, weed killer applied to cracks in pavement and grass outside the fence mowed in preparation for paving.  Contractor will be contacted to see if there is more preparation we need to do.
  2. Yard Maintenance –Luis Arenas of Forever Clean said he is only able to mow every other week.  Volunteer group to be contacted to mow grass on the off week. 
  3. Luigi Hanchett mowed the L shape un-mowed area between the meditation garden, batting cages and our neighbor to the east.  Our neighbors have had their property surveyed; the stakes are visible indicating the property line.
  4. Volunteers are working in the various flower beds on the parish grounds.
  5. Facilities Use Agreements have been written for:
    1. Summit Christian Preschool – awaiting the Insurance Coverage Certificate
    2. Reality Sports Foundation – awaiting response re: tentative agreement




  • Recognition and “Thank You” to Cathy McDonough for her dedication to SJOW and her time served on the Pastoral Council
  • May 26 was the last day for the Senior Lunch program before summer.  Many thanks to Karen Knobbe and the crew who provides this wonderful program.
  • Thank you, also to those who volunteer to help with the upkeep of our grounds!




Other Highlights

  • Mass of Ordination to the Priesthood

    The Archdiocese of Seattle joyfully announces the Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacons Michael Barbarossa, Val Park, and Kyle Poje!

    Although the Mass of Ordination will be closed to the public, we invite you to join us online on the Archdiocese of Seattle Vimeo and Facebook pages on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 10:00 am.

    For more information about the priesthood in western Washington visit


  • Come and Be Fed: Conversations with Archbishop Etienne
    Archbishop Etienne filmed a series of videos about the Eucharist, including three videos with local young adults discussing real issues and the challenges we face today and how the Eucharist can truly nourish us. View the video series here


  • Religious Freedom Week : June 22 - June 29
    A time to pray, reflect and advocate for religious liberty in the U.S. and internationally. Learn more and find daily reflections 


Prayer List 

Gordon & Nichole Chisholm III, Carlos & Claudia Caballero, Donna & Dick Severson, Roxane Fulp Bob Smith, Judith Levesque, Joan Ellis, Linda Johnson, Kari Tinsely, Rita Pangelinan, Dave Casey, Susan Kitaji, Natalie Vieria, Courtney Kryder, Helen Wilke, Jennifer Akins, Sara Romo, Rod Stormshak, James Moe, Wendy Hanchett, Bill Miller, Connie Bender, Gary Wilke, Evymae Sablan, Isaako Malo, Damian Roldon, Irene Simon, Isaiah Williams, Anne Gannon, Larry Anderson, Larry Luedke, Keith Browne, Anna Kaperick, Robert Lumas, Larry Rubida, Dorothy Harris, Liam Chisholm, Carol Kalapus, Evelyn Allen, Danny Sneed, Betty Polansky, Victims of COVID-19. 
Military: SPC Sean Gilson, AMN Mason Land, &
WO-1 Stephen Adelman.