Parish Weekly Newsletter | June 9, 2021

Bulletin - June 13, 2021

Happy Anniversary

Sending prayers and best wishes to Fr. Tuan and Fr. Pat on their anniversary of priesthood.

And to those who are celebrating your anniversary. May God continue to bless you




Growing in Faith

June 2021 Issue

  • The Catholic parish is a place to experience God’s love, and share it with others. Each parishioner is important to a parish. Our main article on page one inspires readers to contribute more to parish life.
  • The slower pace of summer offers opportunities to nurture faith in creative ways not feasible in hectic times. The main article on page two explains.
  • Our culture tells us that sin is relative and what’s good for me may not be good for you. In fact, God’s law is perfect and absolute. Our Q&A feature explains




2021 - 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal

Begin May 2021 - End April 2022

Report as of June 3, 2021

Goal: $25,719

Pledge: $25,841.80

Gift Received: $18,427.71 

If we exceed our goal, all payments above our share will come back to the parish in the form of a rebate to be used for paving and striping the parking lot (asphalt project)

Please be sure to turn in your pledge envelope today or donate online at .Thank you!




Called To Serve As Christ

Campaign Status Report

We just received the May Statement Letter for the Period Ending 3/31/2021

Total Pledges: $125,936

Total cash Received: $107,675.77

Total Parish Share Payment: $16,151.37

Thank you for your generosity. The Parish Share Payment of this campaign is dedicated to the Asphalt project





Weekly Sacrificial Giving

May 30, 2021

65 envelopes total $5,329.15

May 30, 2021

65 envelopes total $4,568.00

Thank you for your continue support for the parish.




Asphalt Project

You may notice a few changes taking place.  Shrubs and plants are being trimmed back surrounding the fire lane between the rectory, parish hall and religious education center.  Grass on the exterior of the north parking lot trimmed and mowed as well as the edges of the asphalt have been cleared of debris. All of this is in preparation for the asphalt overlay of the parking lot and the removal of the old asphalt and the repaving of the fire lane. 

Bid proposals were received and provided to Facilities Committee members, the Pastoral and Finance Councils to review.  At both Council meetings, Wednesday, May 26th, it was agreed to accept the bid proposal by Rainier Asphalt and Concrete.  Fr. Tuan was present at the Pastoral Council meeting and gave his approval. The project is estimated to cost between $50,000 and $60,000 depending on additional work required during construction. Working in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Seattle and Rainier Asphalt and Concrete we have a target date of 4 to 6 weeks.

The overlay and repaving project is being funded by the rebates received from the Called to Serve as Christ campaign and the Annual Catholic Appeal campaigns 2020 and 2021.  As of April 30, 2021 we had received $21,756 to apply to this project.  Rebates for this project will continue to be received as pledges to these campaigns are fulfilled.  The generosity of our parishioners is making it possible to maintain and improve our parish campus.



Thank You

We really appreciate how caring and wonderful our parishioners are! Big thanks to those who helped with the clean-up and keep our parish grounds flourishing, in preparation for the potential repaving of the north parking lot and the area between the rectory and parish hall. You are so amazing! We are truly blessed to have you in our parish. 





Prayer List 

Gordon & Nichole Chisholm III, Carlos & Claudia Caballero, Donna & Dick Severson, Roxane Fulp Bob Smith, Judith Levesque, Joan Ellis, Linda Johnson, Kari Tinsely, Rita Pangelinan, Dave Casey, Susan Kitaji, Natalie Vieria, Courtney Kryder, Helen Wilke, Jennifer Akins, Sara Romo, Rod Stormshak, James Moe, Wendy Hanchett, Bill Miller, Connie Bender, Gary Wilke, Evymae Sablan, Isaako Malo, Damian Roldon, Irene Simon, Isaiah Williams, Anne Gannon, Larry Anderson, Larry Luedke, Keith Browne, Anna Kaperick, Robert Lumas, Larry Rubida, Dorothy Harris, Liam Chisholm, Carol Kalapus, Evelyn Allen, Danny Sneed, Betty Polansky, Victims of COVID-19. 
Military: SPC Sean Gilson, AMN Mason Land, &
WO-1 Stephen Adelman.