Parish Weekly Newsletter | Mar 3, 2021

Bulletin - Mar 7, 2021
Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes Feb 2021

Volunteer Needed: Tree Planting

We were notified the nursery, where our baby trees are being nurtured, will begin digging trees March 1st.  Joe Staley of JDS Forestry will deliver the little trees when ours are available.  He will also give us some helpful information and direction on planting the trees.  We don’t have a specific date for planting yet.  We will have 400 trees coming and will need help planting them.  

If you are willing to volunteer to plant the trees, please contact the Parish office (253 537-8551) or Gaye Dolan (253 531-7548)

PLEASE leave your name, phone number and/or email address.   You may not reach a person, so please leave a message.  We will contact you when we have the date and time.  We welcome all helpers!


Lent Reflection

Stewardship of Treasure

2021 Campaign Status Thru February

Total families pledged: 106
Total pledged amount: $158,193
Total received amount from pledgers: $23,202
Total received amount from non-pledgers: $8,104

Total received amount for Fund 1: $23,202 + $8,104 = 31,306

If you have not filled out the Pledge Card for 2021 Calendar Year, please consider to do it through website:


Annual Catholic Appeal 2020

Rebate Status 

Week 37 Report (thru December 2020)

                                               Goal: $27,124

                                               Pledge: $33,978

                                               Received Gift: $32,765

                                               Rebate: $5,641

The Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign 2020 is nearing an end,  we thank you for your continued support to the Annual Catholic Appeal Campaign this year. 



Called to Serve As Christ Campaign

Report thru Dec 2020

                                         Goal: $324,195

                                         Pledged: $125,826

                                         Received Gift: $100,952

                                         Rebate: $15,143



Holy Week Schedule

Holy Thursday (April 1st)

St. Ann (Eng.) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m.

SJOW: 7:00 p.m.


Good Friday (April 2nd)

St. Ann (Eng.) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m

SJOW: 7:00 p.m


Easter Vigil (April 3rd)

St. Ann: (Eng). 5:30pm; (Viet) 8:30 p.m.

SJOW: 8:00 p.m


While we know we are a ways off from returning to pre-COVID parish life, we believe together we , the archdiocese of Seattle, can slowly sow the seeds to welcome people back. (Especially now that we have safely celebrated 40,000+ Masses without any spread of the virus.) In the meantime, we encourage each of you to focus on personal outreach to parishioners. How can you and your team engage personally with people? Consider thank you notes for all your volunteers, personal calls to parishioners, email invites to Holy Week Masses.


Other information

    Sunday Mar 7 @ 9:45am: First Scrutiny at St. Ann church
    Saturday Mar 13 @ 430pm: Second Scrutiny at St. Ann church

  • Stewardship
    (These numbers include online giving)
    February 28, 2021 37 envelopes Total $3,960.25
    Thank you for your continue support for the parish.

  • Stations of the cross
    @10am & 7pm Friday, Mar 5

  • Holy Hour with Eucharistic Blessing
     7pm Monday, Mar 8

  • SENIOR LUNCH is back
    Our next BOX LUNCH is 
    Wednesday March 17 from 11:30am to 12:30pm. So be sure to call and 
    reserve your lunch on Monday March 15
    Contact Paula at 253-507-5705 or Pat at 253-537-4077
    Let’s give it a try


Prayer List 


Judith Levesque, Linda Johnson, Rita Pangelinan, Courtney Kryder, Jennifer Akins, Natalie Vieria Susan Kitaji, Gordon & Nichole Chisholm III, Carlos & Claudia Caballero, Kari Tinsely, Rod Stormshak, Connie Bender, Bill Miller, Karen Knobbe, Evymae Sablan, , James Moe, Dave Casey, Remedios Laurente, Robert Lumas, Anna Kaperick, , Dorothy Harris, Anne Gannon, Larry Anderson, Damian Roldon, Joan Ellis, Larry Luedke, Evelyn Allen, Isaiah Williams Betty Polansky, Carol Kalapus, Isaako Malo, Donna & Dick Severson, Maggie Kaperick, Keith Browne, Liam Chisholm Larry & Ivern Rubida, Lucille Romo, Danny Sneed, Wendy Hanchett, Irene Simon.

Victims of COVID-19. Military: SPC Sean Gilson, AMN Mason Land, & WO-1 Stephen Adelman