Weekly Newsletter | 11. 25. 2020

Bulletin - November 29, 2020


Sending warm wishes for Thanksgiving celebration to all parishioners. May this special day bring you joy and happiness


Thanks God and thanks for all that you have done for our parish






Stewardship of Treasure Report

Calendar Year 2020

Total registered families: 380

Total families pledged: 134

Total pledged amount: $196,170

Total received amount from pledgers (thru Nov 23): $146,449

Total families not making pledge but still contributing: 99

Total received amount from non-pledgers (thru Nov 23): $39,433

Total received amount of Stewardship of Treasure (thru Nov 23): $185,882

Remember our parish family when considering a Year-End Gift. Thank you







Stewardship of Treasure Renewal

Calendar Year 2021

We are grateful to 77 families who have returned pledge cards to the parish with the pledged amount of $129,224 for calendar year 2021 

We encourage everyone else to pray and return commitment card.

By returning a commitment card, you have made it easier for the parish to plan for this coming year. Your response also tells us of your active participation in our parish

If you haven’t returned a pledge card yet, please return it to the parish through the mail, by dropping it off at the parish office, or through the Sunday collection. If you have misplaced your pledge card, please contact the parish office and we’ll gladly send another

Commitment Card can be filled out online at





Sign-Up to Attend in person Mass

Click to reserve your seat if you would like to attend the weekend Masses.

First Sunday of Advent

6pm, Saturday Nov 28, 2020

8am, Sunday Nov 29, 2020

11:30am, Sunday Nov 29, 2020


Thanksgiving Mass - Thursday, Nov 26 - 9:30am

We recommend you to sign-up before coming to Mass so that we know ahead the number of participants and ensure maximum occupancy.

  • Face covering is required for all Masses
  • Keep social distancing at least 6 feet
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Please follow directions of ushers at the service

If you are unable to come to in person Mass, livestream Mass is available for you at 


or https://www.facebook.com/SJOWTacoma/

weekdays: Wed & Fri at 9:30am

weekend: 6pm on Sat & 11:30am on Sun




Faith Formation 

CCD School

Due to Covid-19 spikes, CCD school is closed during the month of December. There will be no CCD & First Communion classes in the month of December. CCD school will resume on Sunday, January 10, 2021.

We will have homework for your children to study at home. We have asked the parents to help them to complete the homework and to learn their prayers at home.


Class is closed for December and will resume later in January


The confirmation program will skip this year, class will be in 2022.



Baptism is open for all families


Bible class

Class is still held on Zoom with 6 participants. A new program will start in January. Any question, please contact Brenda @ 253-592-6569




Homebound Outreach

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no  Giving Tree this year. The Nursing Homes do not accept any gift coming from outside. Instead of gifts, the Homebound Outreach Group will send Christmas Cards to homebound and nursing home residents. 

Please keep our seniors in prayers. 




From Parish Office

  • Purchase a Missal for Mass 
    Start the new liturgical year off right by purchasing the missal for the Mass for this year (cycle B). It can be purchased after Mass this weekend. You can bring them with you to Mass and take them home. Cost is $3.00 have the cover price. Please considering making this purchase to follow along with Father during Mass.


  • Mark your calendars: An Advent Reflection is scheduled for Friday December 4th at St Ann’s after the 8am morning Mass in the church at 8:40am. All are invited.


  • Solemnity Mass of Immaculate Conception will be on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 9:30 a.m


  • The St. Ann’s Food Bank has been prepared more than 70 thanksgiving baskets to the needy and the poor at Thanksgiving Day. Each family also receives a gift card as voucher for food. We thank you so much for your help and support our ministry.




Prayer List 

Carol Kalapus, Connie Bender, Courtney Kryder, Jennifer Akins, Rod Stormshak, Karen Knobbe, Judith Levesque, Linda Johnson, Betty Polansky, Liam Chisholm, Evelyn Allen, Dave Casey, Susan Kitaji, Dorothy Harris, Rita Pangelinan, Larry Anderson, Damian Roldon Isaiah Williams Isaako Malo, James Moe, Robert Lumas, Remedios Laurente, Bill Miller, Anna Kaperick, Joan Ellis, Carlos & Claudia Caballero, Keith Browne, Wendy Hanchett, Larry & Ivern Rubida Irene Simon Anne Gannon, Donna & Dick Severson, Evymae Sablan, Kari Tinsely, Danny Sneed Gordan & Nichole Chisholm III, Victims of COVID-19

Military: SPC Sean Gilson, AMN Mason Land, & WO-1 Stephen Adelman

Those who around the world are affected by coronavirus pandemic

Archbishop's Letter To Pierce Parishes
Pastor To Parishioners