Parish Weekly Newsletter | Mar 18, 2021

Bulletin - Mar 18, 2020

Message From Our Pastor

We welcome you back to our parish’s ministries and activities! It is wonderful to see more members attend Daily and Weekend Masses. We ask you to assist our parish to welcome those who are joining us in our worship place, and we need to support them in a loving way with what we can do, such as welcoming them when they come to join us for our Liturgical celebration or other parish events.

Stewardship is important for our parish’s ministries and activities. We cordially invite you to be generous with your time, talent and treasures in sharing with your parish family. We thank you for continuing to financially support our parishes to pay bills and operational costs relating to our parishes’ ministries and activities. We encourage and ask you to be more generous to your parish, if you can make a little more sacrificial commitment to support your parish, as your parish needs your support to be able to continue to serve you.

I thank you for your continuing support of your parish’s ministry and activity! We are praying for you and we would like to welcome you to join us in the house of prayers to thank God for all of His blessings!

Fr. Tuan Nguyen

POSTPONSE: Parish Meeting

with Archbishop Etienne

Unfortunately the Parish Wide Meeting with Archbishop this Sunday will be rescheduled to a later date. An unexpected reason has arisen and has caused the Archbishop to have to postpone our meeting. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 



Lenten Retreat

Join us for a retreat from busyness of life to empty ourselves so that we can be filled by the grace of God



Holy Week Schedule

Bring your own branch. This year we will not be able to give out palms as is our custom due to Covid. Instead everyone is encouraged to bring their own Palms or small branches for Palm Sunday. Father will bless them as you hold them


Holy Thursday (April 1st)

St. Ann (Eng.) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m.


Good Friday (April 2nd)

St. Ann (Eng.) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m


Easter Vigil (April 3rd)

St. Ann: (Eng). 5:30pm; (Viet) 8:30 p.m.



Other Information

  • RCIA Schedule
    Sunday Mar 21 @ 9:45am: Second Scrutiny at St. Ann church
    Saturday March 27th: RCIA retreat at SJOW from 9-12 noon

    Any questions, please call our Director, LB Gilmer at (928) 446-9045
  • Stewardship - Weekly Offering - March 13 & 14
    Envelopes: $4,150 (98 envelopes)
    Online giving: $1,073.55
    Mask Sale: $80.35
    Thank you for your continued support


  • Stations of the cross
    In English: @ 3pm Friday Mar 19
    In Samoan: @ 5pm Friday Mar 19
    In Vietnamese: @ 3:30pm Sunday Mar 21

  • Holy Hour 
    Thursday Mar 18
    4pm – 5pm: praying the Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy
    5pm - 6pm: Silent


  • Chrism Mass
    Join Archbishop Paul Etienne for Chrism Mass on March 25 @ 3pm
    Livestream @Archdioceseofseattle on Facebook or Vimeo



Prayer List

Muriel Bate, Martha Borja, Miyoko Fine, Kathleen Genge, Ed Glass, Wayne Haverkorn, Nancy Jones, Jackie Lane, Terry Mathern, Doris McGuire, Wesley McMakin, Helen Murray, Neagle Family, Donald Orris, Bernadette Robinson, Valerie & Jerry Rochefort, Milla Schlatter, Eldon & Marge Weber, Joan & Woody Woodring, Virginia Wooten.

We pray for all servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

We pray for all those around the world suffering from the coronavirus.

If anointing of the sick please call Sr. Anna at 253-592-2455.