Parish Weekly Newsletter | Mar 25, 2021

Bulletin - Mar 28, 2020
Bishop Statement Against Hatred

Holy Week Schedule



Palm Sunday 

  • Procession with Palms: all remain in pews, ONLY ministers go in procession with Father
  • Parish will distribute palms, but you can still bring your own palms if you want


Holy Thursday (April 1)

(Eng.) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m.

  • Mass as usual with ringing of the bells while Gloria is recited
  • No washing of feet
  • Procession with Blessed Sacrament to School: Those who will be staying for adoration (30 minutes ) in the school are invited to accompany the Blessed Sacrament to the altar of repose (please wear mask and keep social distance). All others are asked to leave in silence


Good Friday (April 2)

(Eng) 6:00 p.m.; (Viet) 8:00 p.m

  • No procession
  • Liturgy of the Word
  • Solemn Intercessions, remain standing throughout prayers. 
  • Veneration of the cross:  Process the same way as when receiving communion bow to the cross, make the Sign of the Cross and return to the pews by the middle aisle as at Communion. 
  • Blessed Sacrament is brought to the altar by EM for distribution.


Easter Vigil (April 3)

(Eng). 5:30pm; (Viet) 8:30 p.m.

  • Preparation and lighting of Paschal candle. Simply blessing at the entrance of church.
  • Procession with Easter candle
  • Easter proclaim is sung (Exsultet) 
  • Liturgy of the word: After the readings a period of silence, the Prayer, and the next reading, silence the Prayer. 
  • Gloria recited bells are rung 
  • Epistle - Gospel - Blessing of the Water & Renewal of Baptismal Promises, sprinkling of the people.   
  •  Liturgy of the Eucharist as usual.


Easter Sunday (April 4)

(Eng). 9:45am; (Viet) 7:45am & 4pm


Lord God, here I stand, at the start of this holy week, in which your church remembers Jesus’ passion and death. And I am distracted by many things. Turn my eyes now to the One who comes in your name, the One who opens the gates of righteousness, the One who answers when we call. And may praise him with a pure heart. And may walk in the way of his suffering, And share also in his resurrection. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.




Finance Council News

The Saint Ann Finance Council met in a combined meeting with the Parish Council on March 10th.  The meeting was held via the internet and Parish financial reports through January 2021 were reviewed. Through January, Collections were $22,375 below the budgeted amount and Total Income was $21,703 below the budgeted amount. Expenses were $24,330 above the budgeted amount. Parish expenses are higher than anticipated due to Church heating system repairs, supplies required to comply with COVID-19 guidelines, and unbudgeted upgrades to the facility security systems. Income for the School Building is $2,514 below the budgeted amount due to lower than anticipated Child Care/Extended Care revenue. The Parish is currently operating at a loss for the Fiscal Year and having to use savings to cover the deficit.

Replacement of the Rectory Heating system is complete and donations from parishioners paid all but approximately $25,000 to $30,000 of the $150,000 cost. Thank you to all that supported this much needed project with donations of money and time.


Sister Kim reported that through February, 178 of the Parish’s 539 families have responded with pledges to the 2021 Stewardship of Treasure Campaign. Please consider making a pledge if you have not made one.

The Parish is financially sound thanks to your support. Thank you all for your prayers, financial support, and donations of time and talent to keep our Parish operating.




Stewardship of Time and Talent

As we journey with Jesus Christ on the way of the cross during Holy Week , we are asked to think about our unique role in the Body of Christ, the Church. In working together, we find joy in doing God’s will here on earth. We believe strongly that each member brings special gifts to enrich our parish. You are invited to join with us as we pray, work, and serve together. 

Next week, you will receive a Ministry flyer in mail. We ask you to prayerfully consider your God-given talents and make a new commitment or re-commitment to a ministry in which you want to serve. 

Our parish is grateful to many parishioners who have been serving God and others in different ministries at St. Ann Parish. 






Parish Stakeholders' report 

In their 5-year strategic planning, the Archdiocese of Seattle and the Pierce Deanery looked at merging the Tacoma parishes of St. Ann, Holy Rosary, St. Rita, and Visitation, and moving St. John of the Woods to the status of mission parish.  Archbishop Etienne gave the go-ahead to form a new parish, and by November, 2020, Father Tuan had appointed stakeholders to work with him and Leigh Stringfellow, the Director of Strategic Planning with the Archdiocese.  Stakeholders are Louie Tran, Cathy Bunger, Bao Tran Doan, Minh-Nghia Tran, Sr. Theresa, Vo Thuy Tien, and LB Gilmer.  They were tasked by Bishop Mueggenborg to begin the urgent planning process to merge and build one lively community to fully achieve Christ’s mission.  


Father Tuan informed the parish in a letter in which he laid out the process, and there were Zoom presentations for the parish in which Bishop Mueggenborg explained the need and the process, on January 24 in English and January 31 in Vietnamese.  The Archdiocese released a “Parish Toolkit” to lay out the data supporting the decision.  This document also reiterated the vision for the new parish and responded to questions posed by members of all four parishes.


Stakeholders from each parish held online meetings and discussed committees and timelines to effectively ensure that parish histories, ministries, artifacts, and finances would be incorporated into the new parish.  Visitation Stem Academy will also move to the new parish, so the facility upgrades and sharing needs of St. Ann parishioners were also discussed.


At the beginning of February, a list of ten subcommittees and their areas of focus was sent to each parish.  The subcommittees are:  Communication, Diversity, Facility/Environment, Formation/Evangelization, Financial Support/Stewardship, History/Archives, Liturgical Support, Ministries, Outreach/Support, and School.  Each subcommittee will coordinate with the respective office within the Archdiocesan Chancery.  By the beginning of March, each parish submitted names of people to serve on subcommittees, which will hold initial meetings by the end of March.


The creation of the new parish will be based on the work of the subcommittees, which will compile recommendations to be presented to the new pastor, who will be announced within the next couple of months and be installed in July.  The new parish will have two priests (one will be a parochial vicar), and one will speak Vietnamese.  The target to launch the new parish, which will have a new name, is by Advent of 2021.  


The work of the subcommittees is just beginning, and they are scheduled to meet monthly.  The due date for their reports is the end of June.  If you would like to serve on any of the committees to ensure that the voice and needs of St. Ann parish are heard and honored, please notify Louie Tran (206-715-3185) or Sister Theresa (253-592-2541).  We encourage and welcome your participation.  The parish leadership appreciates and relies on the support of the parishioners of St. Ann’s.  We need your prayers and positive actions as we welcome new families into our new parish.


Archbishop Etienne will speak to the members of St. Ann parish via Zoom in April.  His presentation will be simultaneously translated into Vietnamese.

Submitted by LB Gilmer




Other Information

    Monday Mar 29: Easter Vigil Retreat
    Saturday Apr 3: Candidates practice from 9-10am. Elects practice from 10-11am. Mass for confirmation and full of communion at 5:30pm in church

  • Rice Bowl Return

    Holy Thursday, Apr 1, is the perfect time to return your Lenten Rice Bowls, and also to bring a food item for the needy.  These will be taken up to the altar during Mass to be offered as our gift.

    If possible, please convert coins in your Rice Bowl into a check or bills for simpler counting.  Thank you!

  • Divine Mercy Novena & Feast @ St. John of the Woods Parish




Prayer List

Muriel Bate, Martha Borja, Miyoko Fine, Kathleen Genge, Ed Glass, Wayne Haverkorn, Nancy Jones, Jackie Lane, Terry Mathern, Doris McGuire, Wesley McMakin, Helen Murray, Neagle Family, Donald Orris, Bernadette Robinson, Valerie & Jerry Rochefort, Milla Schlatter, Eldon & Marge Weber, Joan & Woody Woodring, Virginia Wooten.

We pray for all servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

We pray for all those around the world suffering from the coronavirus.

If anointing of the sick please call Sr. Anna at 253-592-2455.