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Ministerial & Financial Report of Parish

Hiệp Nhất

Đây là tờ thông tin chính của Cộng Đoàn Việt Nam - Giáo Xứ St. Ann, sẽ được cập nhật hàng tuần

Merger of Parishes

Documents of strategic planning of the merger of St. Ann, St. Rita, Visitation, Holy Rosary and St. John of the Woods Parish

Growing in Faith Issue

Growing in Faith is the one-of-a-kind resource that's put together of powerful message of hope and joy. Every month, year-round, Growing in Faith gives your parish family: Step-by-step advice for living the Catholic faith every day Encourages Mass attendance on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation Practical guidance about prayer, the sacraments and Scripture Insights into Catholic worship, traditions and practice Easy-to-understand explanations of seasonal feasts and celebrations . . . all in friendly, everyday language, so even the busiest people will get the message


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